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8th Annual Labor Day Parade & Celebration

Anne Barnett
10 Jun, 2021
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Dear Union family, 

As the COVID-19 vaccine continues its successful rollout out and in-person gatherings with our Union family are beginning to feel safer and safer, we are so excited to announce that planning is underway for our 8TH ANNUAL LABOR DAY PARADE AND CELEBRATION, which will be held in person Saturday, September 4th! Further details for this celebration will be released soon! 


After surviving a year of stress, sadness, and social distancing, we celebrate the countless acts of solidarity that have kept us safe, kept our boats afloat, and lifted up our fellow workers during this difficult time. When corporations and their political allies put profit over our lives, working people organized at every level to win rental/mortgage assistance, to stop evictions, to demand PPE, to win and enforce workplace safety measures, to show up for our disabled and immunocompromised coworkers and neighbors, and to fight for sick days and hazard pay. And when we had loved ones pass, we showed up to comfort each other however we could. 

As we come out of this pandemic, we need our Central Labor Council to be in as strong a position as possible to make sure that working people are not forgotten about. The U.S. economy is surging back to its full potential, which means new opportunities for organizing and for growing our Labor Movement as our country goes back to business and our communities go back to work. However, our Central Labor Council has experienced a staffing setback, so we need your support now more than ever to make sure that we do not lose momentum in this critical period for our country and our movement.

To maintain the power and organizing capacity of our Central Labor Council, we ask that you maximize your support by generously sponsoring the 8th Annual Labor Day Parade and Celebration this year. Your contribution will be directly invested in growing our Middle Tennessee Labor Movement into the strong and dynamic force it must be in order to continue fighting for and winning big victories for Middle Tennessee families. We appreciate the critical role every activist, labor leader, and supporter plays in our movement, and are proud to have you by our side as we continue the fight for a society in which safety, dignity, and prosperity are  seen not as privileges for the few, but as fundamental rights for all working people.

Thankful for your solidarity, 

Vonda McDaniel